Chapter 1 : Xiao Jing Yan
Xiao jing yan is standing alone like a statue looking at the horizon on the peak of a mountain. He was an orphan and had to take care of himself from childhood. He is very clever and a talented student. He joined collage through Scholarship and was on his final year.

While all others play around, he works part time jobs for his living expenses and takes care of all the brothers and sisters from the Orphanage he was from.

He is an active and outgoing person. He had desires like any other youngster about not having to worry about money, having a girlfriend etc. But due to his circumstances ,he had to suppress them.

He came here with his classmates to this mountain after finishing their Industrial visit.

“Jing yan , What are you doing standing there?”

As he was floating in his thoughts , he heard a man shout at him from far distance. He knew who it was from the voice . It was his friend Tang Wei.

“Nothing. Are we leaving ?”

“Yes. In a few minutes , so hurry up and get down or you will be left here.” said Tang Wei.

“yeah. yeah. i will be there soon.” replied Xiao jing yan.

It was getting dark. Xiao jing yan walked to the cliff and took one last look toward the slope of the mountain. A cold breeze blew towards his face. It was so dark you can’t see anything down there.

He sighed. Just as he was thinking about going back, he felt a sharp pain on his legs. He turned around to see a snake staring at him . He shrieked and jumped backwards.


He started rolling down the mountain. His ribs and an arm were broken. He was bleeding all over while shouting.

“I f**king hate Snakes. ”

“Help me. I’m Dying.”

After rolling for sometime he came to a stop .He cant see anything in his front.He was foaming from his mouth.

“Aaaagh…I can’t die. Noooo…. someone f**king save me.”

“Ahh. I still haven’t got a girlfriend. I’m still a f**king virgin.”

“I am still too young.I can’t die.”

After a period of curses he looked around to see all completely dark and a little light twinkling like a firefly . He started crawling towards it.

May be because of his extreme Will to live and fear of death, he ignored the excruitiating pain in his body and started crawling toward the light.

“… pant .. pant .. just a bit more..”

He was feeling dizzy and nausceated due to his bloodloss. He didn’t know why but the bright light felt warm and calling towards him. He clenched his teeth as moving toward it. He finally reached it and laid his hands on it, then he lost his consciousness.


The same moment , Somwhere far away .

Blue Lotus Continent , Silver Sky region .

South of Silver sky region ,there is a large green forest. In the middle of the forest there is a lake. It was peaceful and statue still. If we look in to the bottom of the lake, we can see a human figure without beadth lying there.

And right at this moment the human figure Opened his Eyes.


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