Chapter 10 : Medicine Refinement
Xiao Jing Yan quietly sat cross legged in his thatched hut. He was circulating Spiritual energy through all his body and rotated his cultivation base to the peak of fifth level Qi Condensation.

To breakthrough from fifth to sixth he needs pure spiritual energy of spirit stones or pills. He checked his storage pouch for spirit stones. There aren’t any, after all during the period in the cave he used up all his spirit stones for cultivating. Now he is in need of Spirit stones.

The only way to get spirit stones is by doing missions in the Mission Hall. The last time he went out for a mission he was killed. He should be careful of choosing easy mission.

As he was floating in his thoughts, he heard a sound “Senior Brother Xiao Jing Yan, Elder Su of the Missions Hall summons you”. He went out to find a thin pale faced youth in yellow robe standing outside his door.

The yellow robe signifies his status as a servant, while outer disciples wore white uniform, Inner Sect disciples Blue and Core disciples Red.

Xiao Jing Yan frowned and thought “Why would the Elder Su summon him ? Oh.. right may be because of me coming alive.” the he nodded to himself and told the servant to lead the way.

The Base of the mountain is allotted to the outer disciples, the Inner sect disciples and others live up the mountain according to their status. And the Missions Hall was in the middle of Outer and Inner disciples region.While walking Xiao Jing Yan heard few people talking.

“Did you hear ? This time the rewards for Outer Sect Compition are huge.”

“Yes. The 1 st ranker will be awarded a Qi pill which will have 70 percent increase a level for Qi condensation and more than 40 percent for High level Qi condensation cultivators. ”

“Yeah , But it will mostly go to Senior brother Tu Shang.”

“Don’t forget about Senior brother Dong Xu and Senior brother Lu lei who brokethrough after being defeated in the hands of Senior Brother Tu Shang. ”

He finally came up in front of a Building with a large space and a Huge wall on which missions were posted.An Middle aged man is sitting beside the wall and noting the missions the disciples take. He looked stout with a bald head, sharp eyebrows. Xiao Jing Yan walked to Elder Su and greeted ” Disciple Xiao Jing Yan greets Elder Su .” There are few disciples around Elder Su who heard it.

Elder Su looked at Xiao Jing Yan suspiciously ” Are you Xiao Jing Yan ? the one who sacrificed himself to let the Xiaong Brothers escape from the danger”.There are few disciples around Elder Su who heard it perked up their ears and started gossiping.

“What, He sacrificed himself for others ? Did you know him?”

“No. I haven’t seen him before. Elder Su just told his name was Xiao Jing Yan.”

Hearing what Elder Su said Xiao Jing Yan stared dumbfounded, his thoughts ran faster as he quickly understood what is going on.

The three Xiaong brother Elder Su mentioned were the three goons who accompanied Xiao Jing Yan on his mission and killed him. So, in order to not arouse suspicions they glorified Xiao Jing Yan ‘s death.

Thinking of here Xiao Jing Yan composed himself and exposed an aura of expert and loudly said ” Yes, I’m the one who decided to stay behind heroically and let my brothers escape. Then I climbed mountain of blades, fought through thousand beasts shed blood, sweat and tears and finally reached the sect. ” Hearing this even the surrounding people rolled their eyes and thought he was shameless for boasting to that extent.

Elder Su snorted ” Whatever. Since you returned your duty is completed .” Then the contribution points on Xiao Jing Yan token increased by 500 points. Xiao Jing Yan was delighted to have contribution points which were just what he needed to buy herbs or pills.

Xiao Jing Yan bowed to Elder Su then he left. He walked out of the Square and chose a direction to go to Medicine Pavilion which located just above Mission Hall.

While walking mindlessly, he kept thinking about what should he get pills or herbs with his contribution points. If he got the pills his level would increase quickly but if he learned how to concoct pills it will be very useful in the future.

He entered the Medicine pavilion and saw an old woman with white hair, few wrinkles on her face sitting behind a counter. Xiao Jing Yan came up to the table and slammed hard his token with contribution points and clenching his teeth said “Elder please give the herbs on this list for all this contribution points” handing her a list.

The old woman stunned for a second and took the list from him. She checked the list nodding and looked at Xiao Jing Yan with a frown saying “If you concoct any pills successfully you can exchange them here for contribution points or medicinal herbs.” Then she signaled with a hand and a young woman came to take and prepare the list.

After a period of time the young woman came back with a storage pouch in hand and gave it to him. Xiao Jing Yan scanned it and nodded to her.

Walking out of the pavilion, Xiao Jing Yan came to his hut. He sat cross legged and tried to organize everything he knew about pill concocting from Grandpa Ye Guan. After organizing his thoughts he took the basic herbs required for a pill and the pill furnace Grandpa Ye gave him.

The pill furnace looked old with eminating medicinal aura and the nine dragons on it are lifelike. Xiao Jing Yan recognized the pills necessary for concocting a basic pill and started refining a pill.