Chapter 11 : Senior Sister Xue Fei
The pill Xiao Jing Yan is concocting is used to recover Spiritual energy for Qi condensation cultivators and it is a basic Grade one pill. And the medicinal herbs which cost for making it are also very low,So he got a whole lot for all his contribution points to practice concocting.

Medicine Pills and Masters are graded on the quality of the pill they can refine and there are 9 grades. Medicinal masters who can refine a pill more than Grade seven are called Pill King.

The main ingrediant for the pill is Spirit grass. Xiao JIng Yan placed the herbs in pill furnace after processing them and used the fire stones for heat. Fire stones are just like Spirit stones but with fire energy which can be used for pill refining and others.

After a very little time it takes to burn an incense stick, a low bang sound can be heard in the pill furnace and black smoke spreading from it which signifies the pill concoction failed. XIao Jing Yan wasn’t disappointed in it, he knows even for higher ranking Medicine masters the success rate of 4 out of 10 is considered good say nothing of a novice like him.

The bangs and black fumes didn’t stop appearing in the hut, but the time it takes to appear seemed to increase from one other. This means XIao Jing Yan’s understanding of pill refining increasing with every failure.

After three days in the hut, XIao Jing Yan is sitting in front of the pill furnace his eyes blood red and face pale with intense concentration. Suddenly a bang sound and black fumes can be seen eminating from the pill furnace.

“Ahhh….. F**k. Why the hell is it so hard ? I didn’t even refine one pill. Something is wrong. I am doing everything correctly then where is it going wrong? ” Xiao Jing Yan started cursing to himself as he laid down on the floor facing the roof. He didn’t stop refining the pill for three days straight. At first he was excited about refining a pill, as time flowed the number of failures in pill refining increased. He concentrated even more and on third day he finally got to the last step of pill formation in pill refining but suddenly an accident happened.

Xiao Jing Yan sighed. It has been a few months since he arrived in to this world. In his previous world he had to worry daily about his life. Here in this world he is free from the worry. In this world If you are stronger you will have all. So, he thought he should become stronger. Only by doing so he can live with Freedom.

Xiao Jing Yan got up from the floor, washed himself and walked out of the hut in to the courtyard. It was still early in the morning with light fog and a warm light falling on his face which lifted his Spirits up.

Xiao Jing Yan went out of the courtyard and started walking aimlessly. All the way he was thinking about what was wrong with his pill refining. Unknowingly he cam to the long square of the Mission hall. He went inside and stood infront of the wall checking the missions posted on it. There are very few people in the square as it is still early in the morning.

Suddenly a blur of blue light came from sky in to the square and landed right infront of Elder Su and discussions broke out as people saw who it was.

“Look its Senior Sister Xue Fei !! ”

” Wow, she looks more beautiful than in rumors.”

” She really looks like a Fairy.”

The crowd made way for her as she went to Elder Su to report of her completed mission. Hearing all the commotion, Xiao Jing Yan turned to look at what it was about. Then he stayed thunderstruck. Infront of him is an young woman in blue robbe which signifies she’s an inner disciple. What made him thunderstruck isn’t because of her status but because of her itself.

She had silky coral black hair, glowing skin, beautiful eyes and a cold aura emanating from her body. Xiao Jing Yan was infatuated the moment he saw her. She was a level above all the girls, actresses he saw in his previous world may be because of her natural beauty came because of her being an Immortal cultivator.

Xiao Jing Yan started walking towards the young woman unconsciously and he was up to few feet from her. All the other disciples in the square also noted this.

“Who’s that guy walking towards Senior Sister Xue Fei?”

“I don’t Know. He seems to be an outer disciple. May be he knows her.”

“No.. way. How can a nobody like him know our Senior Sister Xue Fei.”

Just as Xiao Jing Yan appeared near her, the young woman finishing her business turned around to see Xioa Jing Yan facing her. Xiao Jing Yan looked straight in to her eyes for few breadths and shouted few words that would make him infamous throught the sect.

“I don’t Care who you are. where you are from. Will you Become My, Xioa Jing Yan’s Dao Companion?”

May be because of his suppred desires erupting when he arrived in to this world and gained freedom to do what he wants to do or just absolute crazy, he really uttered those words without fear. The surrounding people stayed dumbstruck with wide eyes as the looked mutually.

“Who’s this guy? Did he really just propose to our Senior Sisiter Xue Fei?”

“Oh my God. He really did. Didn’t he know Senior Sister’s personality.”

“Senior Sister probably won’t kill but the others who are pursuing Senior Sister won’t let him live.”

“Yes. Yes especially Senior brothers in inner and core disciples. ”

The young woman stared stupefied and frowned. She came to report her missions success and was about to go to her immortal cave when she was faced to this young man whose looks are not bad and was propese to be his Dao Companion who is a complete stranger. Many people had this idea and flatter her to become close, She rejected all of them and remained cold to everyone. But not direct like this young man who is merely a fifth level Qi condensation Cultivator while she was a ninth level Qi Condensation Cultivator . She got angry and swing her sleeve and hit Xiao Jing Yan on his chest while leaving in a blur. Being a fifth level Qi condensation cultivator he was shot like an arrow ten metres and coughed a mouthful of blood.