Chapter 12 : Sixth Level of Qi Condensation
Xiao Jing Yan cleaned the blood on the corner of his moth and came to his senses “Fu**king Hell. You could have just said ‘NO’.” anger in his eyes ” Now you have gone and done it. You will be the first woman i will conquer, Ha ha ha ” while laughing a pain rose from his chest and coughes another mouthful of blood making him frown “Motherfu**ker if she hit any hard i would be a goner.” It was because of 4 level difference in cultivation base.

” She probably wouldn’t kill you, can’t say about others though ” said a man giving a hand to help Xiao Jing Yan stand up. He patted Xiao Jing Yan’s shoulder and said “Brother, I’m Tu Shang. I admire you for what you have done. Don’t know what your name is?”

“Ah.. Brother Tu Shang. I am Xiao Jing Yan ” said Xiao Jing Yan. He loked at the young man who was good looking, musculine and a honest face wearing outer sect disciple uniform.

“Oh.. it is Brother Xiao ” as he saying he handed a pill to Xiao Jing Yan who took it after carefull analyzing. It was a pill to cure inujries, by this Xiao Jing Yan formed a good impression on this young man. “By the way Brother Tu what do you mean by ‘ She probably wouldn’t kill you, can’t say about others though’ ?” asked Xiao Jing Yan confusedly.

“Oh? You don’t know who she is but asked her to be your Dao Companion? Brother Xiao I admire you even more now ” replied Tu Shang suprisingly. Xiao Jing Yan coughed embarassedly “I only saw her today. So i don’t know anything about her” replied Xiao JIng Yan honestly.

Tu Shang sighed shaking his head ” She is Senior Sister Xue Fei and she is one of the top three beauty’s in the sect. She is also only disciple of the Punishment Elder and many people are pursuing her which include Outer and Inner Sect disciples. I don’t know about Core disciples though. you will be an eye sore for all of them. Be careful, We will meet again ” Saying Tu shang left.

Xiao Jing Yan sighed patting his clothes to blow off dust. He looked around to see many people staring at him some interestingly, some sympathily and a few viciously. He thought “I didn’t know she has this type of backgroung. Anyway Stop staring you Shit heads, I didn’t even get the Girl.”

As his injury was almost healed due to the pill he took, he walked back to his courtyard thinking ” I need to try to get close to her. Seeing as she is Inner sect disciples, they live above the mountain. I need to reach 7th level Qi Condensation fast and become an Inner disciple . But, damn I still haven’t refined one fuc**king pill yet. I need to refine the pill faster and increase my cultivation. Also I should try for that first place in the outer sect competetion in a month and half then i can get the Qi pill. Aye aye.. how troublesome.”

Xioa Jing Yan returned to his hut. He doesn’t know what happened today would spread throug out the Outer sect and Inner sect. While many of the Inner sect disciples disdained to care about a bug in outer sect disciple only one has his face has murderous look. It was Cheng Ming of the Inner Sect disciple who ordered his death.

Most of the Outer Sect disciples don’t have a chance to gain the favor of Senior Sister Xue Fei, But they sort of fomed a club of admirers. These people felt jelousy, envy and anger toward Xiao Jing Yan and plan to create troubles for him. As there is no Killing in Sect even if you are a Core disciple, But fighting is allowed without irreversible injuries.

After eating and taking a rest , Xiao Jing Yan started to refine pills. As usual he failed at the last step of pill refining. By carefully analyzing each step, he finally found the problem. He couldn’t control the fire from the fire stones properly.

He came in to the garden in the courtyard. It was night time and stars can be seen twinkling in the sky. It was beautiful, So he laid down on the grass face upwards as he gazed at the stars.

He tried to come up with a better way to control the fire from fire stones. He sat up and patted his storage pouch to get a wine gourd to take a sip. He sighed ” I need to enjoy life to the fullest. I may never know when I will die but at the point of death I should die content. This is my motto now. Ha ha ha ”

He continued to stargaze and drink wine in his lonesome, Suddenly he stood up “Right ! Fire is fire whether it comes from fire stones or anywhere, only control matters and my Fire element is better than fire stone in power and control. Why didn’t I think of this before? Hu hu hu”.

Xiao Jing Yan quickly went in to the hut sat cross legged and started refining only this time instead of using fire stones he started to use the Fire emement of his Right hand. He failed four times but Xiao Jing Yan wasn’t depressed because he can feel with each failed attempt he got closer to producing a pill.

The fifth time he was refining , Xiao Jing Yan concentrated all his focus on the furnace and the Elemental fire control. At the last step it didn’t blow up in fumes like the previous times but a small bang sound came along with medicinal aura emanating from the furnace.

Xiao Jing yan nervously opened the lid of the furnace and looked to see three blue pills lying there. He started laughing ” Ha ha ah…. I did it. I did it. God damn it took me this many times to produce three pills. Anyway now I’m a Grade 1 Medicine master. Hu hu hu..” In the silence of the night in one particular courtyard of outer sect a crazy laughter can be heard throug out the night.

After calming down, Xiao Jing Yan sat cross legged and took the three pills in to his mouth then started to absorb the Spiritual energy produced by the pills. By the time it takes to burn a incense stick to burn increased spiritual pressure emanating from the body of Xiao Jing Yan which signifies his breakthrough to Sixth Level of Qi Condensation as he was at the brink of Sixth level before.