Chapter 13 : Face Puncher
Xiao Jing Yan started to consolidate his cultivation base after the breakthrough. After consolidating his breakthrough, he came out of his hut in to the garden. He clenched his fists and felt power running through them, it was unimaginable to beleive a human can have this kind of power. He then thought how much power do Foundation establishment and other levels have with only Qi condensation being this powerful. He also dreamt of flying through the air.

As he was floating in his thoughts, he heard a commotion coming from the entrance of his courtyard. “Xiao Jing Yan get the hell out here and die ” Yelled one guy which others echoed. Xiao Jing Yan came to the entrance to find out a group of people crowded. He looked through them and saw few people at fifth level Qi condensation , fourth Level Qi condensation and a very very few sixth level Qi condensation.

Xiao Jing Yan was shocked at first then came to understand why these people came and he got angry in heart. But he cupped his hands in bow and smiled towards them saying ” Greetings, fellow senior and junior brothers. My Xiao Jing Yan doesn’t know why brothers came to my humble home. ”

” Xiao Jing Yan stop with your act. We came here because you sexually harassed our fairy Senior sister Xue Fei so, we came to teach you a lesson to behave yourself ” yelled one guy at the back.

Xiao Jing Yan frowned but asked with a smile ” And who might you be brother. Are you younger brother of Senior Sister Xue Fei or long lost cousin of Senior Sister may be, for you to care so deeply.” Hearing this the guy hid in the crowd embarassedly. But a young man yelled ” Enough with the talk Xiao Jing Yan today you will pay for your crime, you won’t escape unharmed.”

Xiao Jing Yan looked at the guy laughingly ” Ha Ha ha. I have never heard of any sect rule forbidding disciples from forming Dao companions. What i did was just express my opinion to Senior Sister Xue Fei, whether she accepts or not is her decision ” here he changed his expression to that of extreme anger and shouted ” But enough about Senior Sister. You who came to my home and accused of a crime i didn’t commit bringing a group of people to kill me. What kind of fued do you have with me? I challenge you according to the rules of sect, Do you dare to accept? ” Xiao Jing Yan said this because he looked at the guy having a fourth level Qi Condensation cultivation and thought about the idea of beating one to scare off others.

Hearing what Xiao Jing Yan said the crowd of people lowered their heads embarassedly. They came here after enquiring about Xiao Jing Yan fully and thought to scare him off as he was just a fourth level Qi Condensation cultivator. But they never thought he was this sharp in words and laid out their faults.

The guy who yelled at Xiao Jing Yan was scared at first but thought about the Cultivation of Xiao Jing Yan and got confident ” Why don’t I dare ? You are jus-” He couldn’t continue because Xiao Jing Yan covered the gap between them and pounced upon him like a tiger.

Xiao Jing Yan caught the other guy’s neck with left hand and started beating him mercilessly. *Bang*.. *Bang* .. sounds can be heard along with some curse words.

” You fu**ker, How dare you accuse me? ”

“Are you tired of living, motherfu**ker?”

*Bang*.. ” ah… ah…” here the guy lost conscious because he was just a fourth level and Xiao Jing Yan was sixth level Law body Cultivator nearng first element completion. Which means his body is very strong compared to the others.

The others looked helplessly as the guy lost consciouness but Xiao Jing Yan didn’t stop punching his face. The guy’s face looked out of shape with swelling all over and blood leaking here and there looking hideous.

Then Xiao Jing Yan throwed that guy aside like a broken piece of jade. He didn’t hesitate to jump on to the next guy and started beating his face same like the other one. Seeing this the people first shocked then got angry as they pounced towards him. Xiao Jing Yan evaded easily as he shifted from one person to other beating only their face with raw strength of his fists.

The people first got angry then scared as they couldn’t control him as he rampaged among the crowd. The crowed started running as they heard weird laughing curses behind their back but they didn’t dare turn their back as they were afraid Xiao Jing Yan will beat them first.

” Enough Xiao JIng Yan, just because you are Sixth level of QI Condensation doesn’t mean you can rampage around here. If you have guts fight me ” suddenly a shout can be seen from a guy in late twenty’s with cold look as he stared at Xiao Jing Yan.

“What Xiao Jing Yan is Sixth level Qi Condensation ? who the hell did say that he is only fourth level, I will not coexist with him under same sky ” yelled griefly on guy whose face got pummled.

” Oh! its Senior Brother Gao Zhan. Senior Brother Goa Zhan is also a sixth level cultivator. Senior Brother please save us from this demon and give us justice” all around shouts came as they found support in Senior Brother Gao Zhan.

Xiao Jing Yan who was sitting on a guy punching him suddenly stopped and looked at the guy. He frowned because he can look as the guy was also sixth level as him, but he was confident because he practices Heaven Defying Cultivation technique Five Elements Technique which is Law-body cultivation which was stronger than normal sixth level cultivator. It’s just that he didn’t know how much stronger he was, so he thought this would be a perfect opportunity to gauge his strength.

So, Xiao Jing Yan smiled saying “Why wouldn’t I dare? “.