Chapter 14 : Fire Element Completion

Xio Jing Yan patted his pouch to produce a sword and formed the Fire Fist with his Right hand. The people around gasped as they saw this and also eager to see two Sixth level cultivator fight as they can learn from it.

Xiao ing Yan and Gao Zhan face each other, when suddenly Gao zhan started attacking. Gao Zhan sent a sword flying towards Xiao Jing Yan and followed behind it quickly. Xiao Jing Yan deflected the sword with all his strength which
the sword flying away like a bullet. But without enough time Gao Zhao’s next strike arrived which is his strongest strike with a short wooden sword.

Gao Zhan wished to finish this fight quickly and show others how amazing he was, as he couldn’t help get jelous of Xiao JIng Yan getting all the attention from beating others. Just as he was smiling his face changed as he saw a fire filled fist slammed in to his sword with great force.

Xiao Jing Yan and Gao Zhan stepped backwards mutually, but the look on Gao Zhan was of that misbelief where as Xiao Jingan was laughing loudly. He was laughing because before he used his fire filled right hand to counter against Gao Zhan’s strongest strike and felt nothing. Xiao Jing Yan got confident as he got to understand how powerful his body was, So without any restraint he pounced on Gao Zhan who was in daze .

Without giving Gao Zhan any time to react , Xiao Jing Yan landed a blow on the face of Gao Zhan which made two of his tooth to flew apart. Xiao Jing yan threw Gao Zhanon the ground and sat on him as he started punching his face even if the other tried to break free.

Seeing this the crowd of people got dumbfounded and stood there with their mouths open. After a bit of resistance Gao Zhan fainted, seeing this Xiao JIng Yan took a wine gourd and poured it on Gao zhan’s face to wake him up.

Gao Zhan woke with a shriek as he felt the pain on his face and got rewarded by another series of punches on his face. After witnessing this the people got to understand how vicious and merciless Xiao JIng Yan was as they started to discuss among themselves.

” Oh My god, Somebody stop him. ”

*Bang* ” Aaaahh… Xiao Jing Yan, I will Kill you ” cursed Gao zhan while receiving the beating.

“He is too cruel and ruthless, may be Senior Brother will die”

*Bang* ” I will skin you alive and your family aah… aah…”

” Where the hell did this guy come from? ”

*Bang * … *Bang* here Gao Zhan fainted. So Xiao Jing Yan took the wine gourd taking a sip from it and poured on Gao Zhan’s face who woke up yelling ” I will drink your blood.. aaaahhh.” *Bang*

“He is waking up an unconscious guy to again punch him. Why did we offend this type of Bloodthirsty demon?”

*Bang* … ” …rgive … Forgive.. Xiao Jing Yan forgive” Gao Zhan tried to speak as he coughed mouthful of blood continously. Xio Jing Yan stooped beating and gave him a stern look which signified his meaning.

Xiao Jing Yan stood up collecting the Storage pouch from Gao Zhan and looked toward the crowd saying ” Also who does want to challenge me? ” but the crowd lowered their heads. Xiao Jing Yan took one last look with pride filling him to the brim as he walked back in to his hut with long strides laughing loudly.

Xiao Jing Yan sat cross legged and started thinking about how to rise his strength as he wants to attain first in Outer Sect Competition in a month. By getting First Place he will get a Qi pill which allows him to increase his cultivation by one whole level. He just had a cultivation base breakthrough so he wouldn’t be able to increase it quickly. So all he got is the FIre Fist which is at Mid tier. So if he raised it to High tier he can use the pill Grandpa Ye Guan gave him to increase Fire Fist to Completion which is almost triple the power of high tier.

Recently he found out by refining pills he can increase the Fire Element but only barely. So, He started to refine all types of Grade one pills with Elemental Fire to increase its tier and Control of fire.

When Xiao JIng Yan was closing up, as the days flew by the matter of that day’s events spread through out entire Outer Sect Courtyard and some of Inner Sect. There are gossips about a blood thirsty and ruthless cultivator who mercilessly puches anyone in the face. He likes to punch people so much that he wakes up unconscious people and then punch them.

There are also rumors about why he likes punching as he doesn’t like anyone handsome than him or the fact that he likes ugly people so much that he punches people to make them ugly.
Also, there are names passing around such as ruthless, demon but out of all the most Face Puncher was approved by all the disciples.

Xiao Jing Yan didn’t know all these. He was immersed in practicing Pill refining and Fire Fist continuously. On this Particular day as Xiao Jing Yan was practicing the Fire Fist in the courtyard when a sudden increase of Elemental fire with his body and a powerful bang sound came of the right hand of Xiao JIng Yan. He started laughing loudly because it was a sign of his breakthrough in Fire Element from mid tier to High tier.

Xiao Jing Yan quickly ran in to the Hut sat cross legged and took the jade box Grandpa Ye guan had given him. He slowly took the pill from the ade box and placed it in his mouth then a sudden Fire Energy started passing through his body burning him inwards. Even as the Great pain hit him, Xiao Jing Yan clenched his teeth to endure it as the Elemental fire reached Completion.