Chapter 2 : Awake

The human figure awoke is Xiao jing yan. He gasped for breadth and coughed a mouthful of dried blood. He struggled with all his remaining strength to swim upwards.
The moment he swam above the surface of the lake, he took a large mouthful of air coughing continously. Then he slowly swam to the ground. He crawled out of the lake and laid face upside then went unconscious.

After a period of time Xioa jing yan slowly opened his eyes and tried to focus. He felt a severe pain all over body like blades cutting through him. He slowly sat up and felt around his body, then he started laughing.

“Ha.. ha .. ah .. I didn’t die. I didn’t die.”

“F**k you mother f**ker. ”
“Wait…. where is this and who changed my clothes? Nooo… someone saw me naked…”


A severe headache ran through Xiao jing yan’s head. Several memories came surging through his brain. He tried to make sense of it while having a severe headache. After a period of time, he ran to the lake surface to look in to the water to see his image. He shrieked.

“My God. It really is that guy’s face. So, did I occupy this guy’s body and reincarnated?”

“Well, he’s not bad looking .. wait..not him . I’m not bad looking. Hu hu hu, Last time I died a virgin. But with this guy’s face.. no my face ,this time i will definitely conquer all the women in the world. Ha ha..”

Xiao jing yan frowned “So, this guy’s name is also Xiao jing yan and this is another world where people as powerful as superheroes exist ??” It shocked him to the core. Then he started to arrange all the useful memories to understand this world.

According to the memories of the died Xioa jing yan, this continent is called Blue lotus continent.In this world, People walk the path to become immortal are called cultivators.The path to become an immortal is a very difficult one filled with thorns but It is a very long one. He himself is also a cultivator from a sect called Silver Sky Sect.

Xioa jing yan is an outer disciple. He came out to perform a mission with three other disciples, who killed him and thrown him in to the lake. Because he offended a female outer disciple who has a close relations with an inner disciple who ordered the 3 outer disciples to kill Xiao jing yan.

“Oh My god. You kill people just because they offended you? what kind of world is this? Mother f**ker ” Xiao jing yan shuddered as he thought this. At the same moment tears run down his eyes unbeknown to him and somewhere in his mind he felt deep unwillingness. He sighed.

He got up and rearranged his clothes and looked at himself. He was fairly good looking, with a long glowing black hair, sharp eyes, defined cheekbones with cold look. He had a gregarious personality and a galactic smile. Xiao jing yan was satisfied with his appearance.

Xiao jing yan clenched his fists and felt the power in his body. Althoug his body was severely injured he still has some strength in himself which is more than 10 mortals.

Xiao jing yan patted around his waist looking for his storage pouch.”Oh I remember they threw me along with my pouch, it should be in the lake bottom still. Hmph they know i’m very poor and didn’t even check my Storage pouch. Rich people sure are too arrogant. Still it is a good thing for me. Aahhh… why am i poor in this life too??”

He sighed. He walked in to the lake and started searching for his storage pouch. He searched for 3 hours and finally found it. Just as he was about to return to surface, he saw a starnge mirror like surface on the ground like a barrier. He swam towards it and touched it his hand passed through it, so he entered it.

Just as he entered the barrier he fell down the ground. He stood up and looked around walking farward. It was a cave with dim light. And a humanlike figure sitting cross legged. He walked near it to observe it.

Xiao jing yan Shrieked “OMG. Mother f**ker its a skeleton.” he backed away. when he was backing away he heard a buzz.. sound and light glowed forming a human figure. It was an old man with dark skin figure, white eye brows,hair and light wrinkles on his face emanating an aura akin to an immortal making Xiao jing yan stand still like a statue.

The old man looked all around and upwards. He sighed “So much time has passed” . Then he looked down at Xiao jing Yan who was staring dumbstruck at the old man who possessed a power that can kill him many number of times if he so wishes.

Xiao jing yan’s thoughts ran fast and thought how to get away from this situation. So he came up with a best way to solve this problem involving an old man. He got all his power in to his mouth, looking as joyfully as he can be shouted “Grandpa. It really is you. I have missed you so much. I have been looking for you all this time shedding sweat, blood and tears. I have finally found you.”

The old man stared starstrucked and Dumbfounded. He was a powerful cultivator who was capable of shaking heaven and earth. But he was betrayed and injured. So he escaped and came to this place to restore but due to his severeness of his injuries he died. Before his death he made sure to leave a wisp of soul which would activate if someone comes here.

But he never would have imagined it would take so many years for someone to come here and it would be an little brat of Qi condensation that too injured and call him Grandpa. He understood what this little brat was doing. He stared at Xiao jing yan studying him carefully and then he started laughing “Ha ha ha….. good. good. Good my grandson, your Grandpa also missed you very very much and has been waiting for you.”