Chapter 3 : Medicine king Ye Guan

It was Xiao jing yan’s turn to stare starstrukked and dumbfounded. He feared the old man to the core. So he came up with an idea from his other world where old people likes children calling them grandpa. He called this old man Grandpa to flatter him but never in his wildest dreams he thought that this oldman would call him grandson.

The old man stared at Xiao jing yan saying “Grandson what happened, why aren’t you talking ? are you that shocked to see your grandpa?”

Xiao jing yan stuttered “Um .. um .. Grandpa I suddenly remembered i have to go somewhere. see you again.” then he turned around to run away.

But the old man constricted him with his pressure not allowing him to move. Xiao jing yan cried in his heart but acting like a spoiled brat said “Grandpa .. I really really have to go. so please let me go.”

The old man said”Oh.. whats so important that you have to leave behind your precious grandpa that you have just found by shedding what is it ?…. Ah sweat , blood and tears?”
Xiao jing yan shuddered and replied trying to come up with an answer “Ah.. I left the meat on fire ” the oldman replied ” No problem, we can get other meat”

“I urgently need to go the batroom.”

“You can go there.” while saying the old man increased pressure on Xiao jing yan. He shrieked “Senior forgive. senior forgive.”

“Oh.. are you coming out of your character ?” the old man said smilingly. “So, whats your name?” said the oldman reducing the pressure on jing yan.

Xiao jing yan hurriedly replied “Senior, this junior is Xiao jing yan. I’m an outer disciple of Silver Sky sect.”

The old man frowned “Silver sky sect??” then he looked west like looking at something. “Oh the one in the mountains? Hmm” then he stared at Xiao jing yan again only this time gently.

“How are you inured?” the old man asked. Xiao jing yan replied truthfully. The old man frowned” Betrayed by own side. seems we do have something in common.”

Then the old man asked “Do you know who this old man is ??” Xiao jing yan muttered “How would i know you old geezer? ” The old man seemed to hear that “Hmph .Yes, how a little brat like you would know my name which shakes all continents . Sects lined up infront of me for pills, satisfying my every need. Even the old ancestors of the sects would be respectful of this old man say nothing of others. This old man’s name is Medicine King Ye Guan.”

Then he started telling all sorts of things about him even if Xiao jing yan wasn’t interested.
The old man then said “Since you called this old man grandpa, i will cure your injuries and even make your physique better.” the old man lifted his hand toward the skeleton then something flew in to the old mans hands . He then pointed it to Xiao jing yan.

Something flew straight in to Xiao jing yans’s mouth and in to his stomach directly. Then all of a sudden large amounts of spiritual energy started flowing in his body trying to repair his injured body and his meridians.

He closed his eyes and sat cross legged trying to make Spiritual energy flow in to his dantian which is a sea of Qi. For all Qi Condensation level Cultivators the dantian is filled with Sea of Qi. For Foundational Establishment the Dantian Condenses the Qi sea in to a crystal.

As the medicinal pill effect showed on Xiao jing yan’s body his aura which had been flickering due to his injuries now stabilized. Along with that his cultivation restored to his before 4th level Qi condensation even neared 5th level and stopped just shortly.

The old man kept staring all through this with kind eyes at Xiao jing yan. And after a period of time Xiao jing yan opened his eyes joyfully and thanked the old man who smiled lightly.

The old man suddenly stopped smiling and assumed a posture that befetting of an immortal with seriousness on his face looked at Xiao jing yan and said” How do you feel. So, Do you want to become poweful. Do you have what it takes to become an IMMORTAL ??”

Xiao jing yan stared at the old man dumbfounded without saying anything as the old man’s word’s kept ringing in his head .

“grr…grr …”

Suddenly some strange loud sounds came from Xiao jing yan’s stomach which disturbed the precious moment the old man was having with Xioa jing yan.