Chapter 4 : IMMORTAL

The old man frowned at Xiao jing yan. Xiao jing yan suddenly thought this was not good and hurriedly explained “Um..Senior. This junior hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. So, please excuse this junior. ”

The old man still frowning at Xiao jing yan lifted his hand at the barrier, suddenly few fish in the lake fell through the barrier infront of Xioa jing yan. Then he dissappered.

Xiao jing yan seeing that the old man dissappeared felt releieved and looked at the fish salivatingly. He suddenly took out a knife from his storage pouch and started preparing the fish for grill.

If you look carefully you can see Xiao jing yan’s hands moving like an experienced chef because Xiao jing yan in his previous life was an orphan so, he had to cook for himself as well as others in the orphanage. He also worked in a restaurant.

After a period of time, a Piquant and delicious smell spread through the air in the cave. Three fish were roasting through a stick atop fire looking dark brown which signified it cooked perfectly.

Just as Xiao jing yan was taking the fish to eat it. The stick flew from his hand towards another side of the cave where the old man leisurely took and ate it enjoying every bit of it.”Its very good, if there is wine it would be perfect.” and the old man ignored Xiao jing yan’s reaction as he ate all the thee fish.

Xiao jing yan stared at the old man viciously as he muttered “You old geezer, I was already starving and you took it from me before i ate it. Can’t you wait for sometime. Anyway how can this Old geezer can eat it if he’s just a soul??”

The old man turned to look at Xiao jing yan from eating as though he heard the muttering and said “What , If a soul has power to kill you. why can’t it eat a f**king dead fish. Hmph.” They both started to bicker with eatch other as they grilled the fish.

After they both finished eating reamining fish, the old man returned to his serious expression and said” So, do you want to be an IMMORTAL? you haven’t answered me. ”

Xiao jing yan thought about all that happened till now. He died and came back to life in another body. His soul completely fused with the body of previou Xioa jing yan, due to the pill given to him by the old geezer. He learned about this world where humans can be as powerful as to destroy the mountains and move the seas. They can live hundreds of years unlike mortals. And most of all he could be one of them.

Xiao jing yan calmed down his train of thoughts. He took a deep breadth. He then looked straight at the old man with a sharp gaze and asked “Old geezer , All cultivators are known as Immortal Cultivators. So, What is an IMMORTAL?”

The old man looked at Xiao jing yan deeply, nodded to himself and explained ” An IMMORTAL is a Cultivator or Being who Brokethrough the shakles of Time. Any Cultivator or Being can’t escape the shakles of time be it Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core formation, Nascent Soul, Spirit Formation. Everyone is bound by the shackles of time. It’s just a matter of how tight or loose the shackles are. For Qi Condensation being tight and Spirit Formation being loose, but not broken. “