Chapter 5 : Five Elements Technique
Xiao jing yan Stared Starstrukkedly and dumbfoundedly at the old geezer. His mind was totally blown away by the eye-opening words. He came back to his senses after a period of time.

The old man looked at Xiao jing yan laughingly and complacently said” Little brat, are you shocked? You want to knokdown your head, accept this grandpa as your teacher and learn to become an IMMORTAL??”

Xiao jing yan thought to himself “I really want to be an IMMORTAL. All that he has to do is obediance and accept him as a teacher. I had many teachers in school, collage what’s one more.” So , he answered “Old geezer, i really want to be an IMMORTAL.”

The old man said “Good. Then this old man will give you an Ancient technique which i found while exploring the Ancient ruins and also one of the reasons of my death ” here the old man sighed lost in thought “This technique is so heaven defying that by cultivating it you can jump ranks to fight someone in the same realm, probably next too.”

After hearing this , Xiao jing yan’s blood boiled up to the brim. He knows now that defeating same level cultivator is not an easy thing. But this technique can be helpful in battling more powerful cultivators than oneself. How can he not excited? He can’t help getting excited “Old geezer, tell me quickly what technique is it ?”

The old man looked at how excited Xiao jing yan was laughed complacently and said “This technique is law- body cultivation. And it name is FIVE ELEMENTS TECHNIQUE.”

Xiao jing yan frowned. Seeing this the old man got irritated “What , you don’t want it?” Xiao jing yan replied “No.. No.. I want it. It’s just the name is too simple. I thought it would be like IMMORTAL SLAYING Technique or Heaven Destroying Technique something like that.” Hearing this the old man coughed and his face went red seems like he is embarassed of something.

The old man continued ” Forget about the name, This technique is incomplete. It can only be used to cultivate up to Nascent soul. After that it’s on your on and it should only be practiced from Qi condesation. Seeing as you are Qi condensation it is fated for you.”

Here the old man got serious then explained ” FIVE ELEMENTS TECHNIQUE involves in cultivating every part of the body with five elements. Fire for Right hand , Water for left Hand , Earth for Left Leg , Metal for Right Leg and finally Wood for Head. Each level Consits of 4 Levels which are Low, Mid, Late, Completion. From low to Late you can practice yourself. But from Late to Completion you need a medicinal pill for each element.”

The old man still Continued ” After Cultivating every part of the body you refine a pill using your body as a furnace and your limbs and head as herbs the final pill is Nascent Soul. It will be a Heaven defying Nascent soul.”

The old man looked at Xiao jing yan who is still frowning and got angry “What now?” Xiao jing yan unconsciously replied “I mean its a great technique and all but who the hell named that. It has five elements and it is a technique So, its FIVE ELEMENTS TECHNIQUE. He has got no sense of naming.”

Here the old man face turned red and got angry out of shame because he was the one who named it. When he found the technique in the ruins it is incomplete and missing a name also. Then he named it himself felling every bit proud of himself to name a technique like this. But after hearing Xiao jing yan scolding him. he couldn’t control his anger and started spanking on Xiao jing yan’s butt repeatedly while cursing.


“You little brat, you don’t like the name? I’m the one who named it.”

*Spank* …. shriek

” you old geezer, I knew it was you! let off me.”

*Spank* …*Spank*

“Ah….Someone save me this old geezer is killing me.”

*Spank*… *Spank*… *Spank*

” Ah…. Ah…..”