Chapter 6 : Medicine Refinement

After some period of time, the cave got quiet and we can hear some painful groans. The old man looked at how Xiao jing yan rubbing his butt laying face on the groung , couldn’t help but smile.

The following few days continued as one old man and one young man continued living together in the cave while the young man started practicing FIVE ELEMENTS Technique.

On one particular day, in the cave Xiao jing yan was seen sitting cross legged cultivating. If we look in to his body particularly his Right hand we can see fire burning Right arm cleansing the meridians and spreading all across the body finally toward his dantian which has now more Qi sea than before indicating his breakthrough to 5th level Qi Condensation.

After few days of cultivating the Five Elements Technique , Xiao jing yan finally reached the low tier Fire Element with the help of the old man. Which shocked the old man of Xiao jing yan’s talent. During there days they woul bicker with each other, eat fish and cultivate.

Xiao jing yan opened his eyes to see the old man whose soul body is slowly becoming transparent signifying its dissipiation with a grim look on his face. Although they bicker with each other, Xiao jing yan truly treated the old man as his own grandpa who not only cured him and also give him an ancient technique. He can tell its value just by looking at how powerful it is .

The old man seemed to know what Xiao jing yan was thinking so he said “Don’t bother thinking. I have lived more than thousand years. A mortal can only live for 100 years as for me I have lived enough.”

He then continued “Immortal cultivation is a long and ardeous path filled with thorns. It is a HEaven Defying path. For it to be Heaven Defying it has to have suitable assistance. That’s when Medicinal pill comes. There has not been an Immortal cultivator who didn’t use pills in his life whatever cultivation may be.”

“Concocting pills doesn’t mean following the recipe to produce a pill. It is to produce a pill particularly suitable for the cultivator’s cultivation. Becoming a Medicinal master is very difficult. ”

Here the old man lifted his hand and pressed to the forehead of Xiao jing yan. A sudden burst of information flooded in to his brain like a high tide. Xiao jing yan suddenly felt a severe headache and he sat himself crosslegged trying to analyse the information.

After some time, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the old man dumbfoundedly. Yes, Because the information is about all the experiences the old man had while concocting pills. Don’t forget that the old man is Medicine King Ye Guan. If he carefully analyzed this information while practicing pill concoction his rate of succes will be astronomical.

“old geez.. um .. Senior this… ” Xiao jing yan stuttered. The old man looked at xio jing yan stuttering and laughed ” What, now you know how Great this old man is? Ha ha ha” Just this moment what little respect Xiao jing yan formed in his heart toward the old man shattered.

The old man looked serious and said “If you feel obligation to return the favor then please help me kill a person only when you become Spirit formation. Otherwise don’t think about it.” Xiao jing yan asked “old geezer who is that person?”

Then the old man sighed and started telling him about his past about the betrayel.

The following days Xiao ing yan started cultivating the fire Elemental art to Mid tier using several types of help from the old man. The five Elemental technique has 5 techniques correponding to each metal. For fire element it is Fire Fist which is a fist formed by fire on his Right hand. He started practicing the fire fist while the old geezer refining medicine pills.