Chapter 7 : Grandpa Ye Guan
On this particular day in the cave a bang sound spread and the lid of pill furnace opened and a pill can be seen with blue glow emanating cold aura. The old man sat next to the pill furnace and deeply looked at the pill. He sighed. He then looked to the other corner of the cave where Xiao jing yan was practising Fire shield gently.

He then called out to Xioa jing yan who came to him. He lifted his hands and 2 pill boxes flew to Xiao jing yan’s hands. He looked warmly at Xio jing yan and said “This pills will be useful for you to breakthrough from high tier to complete of both Fire and Water element. As for others you have to refine them yourselves and the herbs required will be hard to find as well.” Xioa jing yan looked at the old man’s blickering form grimly as though he knows whats happening.

The old man lifted his hand and a pill furnace and a scroll flew in to Xiao jing yan’s storage pouch ” The pill furnace is a peak Spirit treasure and a prideful treasure of this old man which accompanied me a long time. Take care of it. And the Scroll is a teleportation Scroll used for escaping which allows you to teleport from anywhere to certain distance. It can be used 3 times.” As he was hearing this tears started to roll down Xiao jing yan’s face unbeknownst to him.

The old man looked at him ever so kindly ” I don’t have anything else as my storage pouch was damaged as time passed. I have given you what i can. Forget about what i have said about that person, you don’t have to burden yourself with that. Live a good life and become an IMMORTAL which this old man didn’t become.”

Xiao jing yan eyes turned red as the tears kept falling down his face “Grandpa.. is there no way to save you?” the old man smiled ” Enough my time has come and I can’t maintain the barrier any longer. You can go back to your sect now and become an IMMORTAL. Remember you are this old man Medicine King Ye Guan’s grandson.” He then dissipiated in to thin air.

Xiao jing yan stood there dazedly for a while. He was an orphan in his previous world and this world too. So Even when he finally recognized the old man as his grandpa he became orphan again. He took a deep breadth and he sighed.

He looked all around the cave and buried the remains of the old man. Then he Kowtowed his head on his knees nine times at the grave finally he took one last look and went out of the cave. The moment Xiao jing yan was out of the cave inside near the grave the old man appeared again even weaker than previous time. He looked at the grave and towards the direction Xiao jing yan left and a gentle smile crept on his face as he dissappered again.