Chapter 8 : Back to the Sect
Xiao Jing yan slowly swam to the shore with a sad look on his face. It was a mid day as the sun shone on his head ever so brightly. He stood on the shore and patted the storage pouch for the map. He looked at it frowning , then he chose a direction and started walking.


The sounds of leaves being stepped on can be heard disturbing the quiet forest in the morning. Xiao jing yan travelled for 2 days and on his way out of this forest but suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Because infront of him stood a tiger 2m long and 1.5 m height, white in color with fangs baring at him. This is not just a tiger from his previous world this is a wild beast which has a power between 5 to 6 th level Qi condensation almost same as him. But Xiao jing yan stood there shaking in fear because he had never fought anything before. He knows cultivation involves killing others or killed by others and his previous body owner also killed others but it was very new for him.

“F**king hell. What kind of shit luck I have to be able to encounter this tiger” Xiao jing yan started cursing inside his heart “Oh yeah, I remember. I have seen many times on tv if you meet a wild beast you should just stand motionless and show no fear. right.. right.. thank god I’m saved. ” Then he stood without shaking motionless hoping the tiger would ignore him.

Shattering his hopes , the tiger jumped towards him. Xioa jing yan shrieked “Mother f**er. I’m going to kill the director of that show” and started running away while he patted his storage pouch to produce a sword which he throw toward the tiger with all his strenght.

The tiger’s paw hit the sword which flew back and hit a tree.The tiger also was pushed back.Seeing this Xiao jing yan thought “Am i that powerful?” He just trown a sword and it injured the tiger. Feeling confident Xiao jing yan decided to fight.

Feeling the pain in its leg, the tiger roared and ran towards Xiao jing yan who raised all his cultivation base of peak 5th level Qi Condensation to face the tiger. He lifted his Right hand and a fire of Five elemental technique formed around his Right hand while he pointed his right hand toward the sword stuck on the tree.The sword flew in to his hand.

With all his power he slammed the fire fist towards the head of the tiger. The Fist hit hard on the tiger which left it dizzy, then Xiao jing yan used this time to attack its head with all his power on the sword. The sword passed through the head of the tiger which stood dazzedly before falling down.

Xiao jing yan panted as he gasped for breadth. This has been a near death experiance for him in which he learned many things about this world. After taking a rest he started resuming his journey.

Along the way he met many beasts like the tiger and fought many times which are as same or below his cultivation level. As for meeting above his cultivation level beast, He only met once from far away then he unhesitatingly ran away.

One day after coming out of the forest he saw a large mountain. It was sky-stabbing at the top. The base of the mountain was very wide. The peak of the mountain was like harpoon tip. IT was shrouded in ghost-grey clouds. He can see Buildings and people running around on the mountain.

Xiao jing yan gawked at the majestic sight “Is this Silver Sky Sect?”