Chapter 9 : Silver Sky Sect
At the entrance of Sky Silver Sect, two gaurds wearing white uniform sood straight. one of them asked the other ” Brother Xu , I heard senior brother Tu Shang defeated senior brother Lu Lei in three moves. ”

“Yeah , i saw that fight it was …” the other replied up to this point then turned to look toward front and shouted.

“Halt. This is Silver Sky Sect, outsiders are not allowed here.”

Infront of them stood a young man with dirty and blood stained clothes but a handsome face.This young man was Xiao jing yan. He finally reached the sect.

Xiao jing yan walked himself to the entrance and said “Brothers I’m an Outer sect disciple Xiao jing yan returning after completion of a mission outside” while he produced a token proving his status from his storage pouch. The gaurd looked at it and allowed his entrance nodding.

Xiao Jing Yan Walked in to the sect while observing the surroundings. He saw people flying in the sky on flying swords and drooled over it. It was still hard to believe for him to see someone can fly in the air. He knew for one to fly one had to be Foundation establishment or above 8 th Qi condesation with a Flying sword. He knew all of these from his past memories but seeing is another thing entirely. He walked towards the outer sect disciple’s courtyard to his place.

It was thathed hut with a small courtyard with a tall tree in it. Only Inner disciples get to have Immortal cave which has more spiritual energy. Silver Sky sect disciples are divided in to 4 categories.

Below 3 rd level Qi condensation are servants , from 4 to 6th level Qi condensation Outer disciples , 7 to 9 th level Qi Condensation Inner Sect discioles and 10 th level Qi condensation are Core disciples.

The courtyard was quiet and the hut has two rooms one for cultivation and one for sleeping. He walked inside, quietly sat cross legged and started to organize his thoughts.

At the same time in a Immortal cave for inner sect disciples above the montain three people sat across a man and woman. If Xiao Jing Yan was here he would recognize four of the five people here. Those three are the ones who beat to death Xiao Jing Yan and thrown him in to the lake. The woman was the same woman Bao Zhai who Xiao Jing Yan offended and finally the man was none other than the Inner disciple Chang Ming who ordered his death.

“Congratulations Senior brother Chang for your breakthrough in to 8th level Qi Condensation just one year after entering Inner sect” said the skinny one of the three.

“Yes . Yes, congratulations Senior brother Chang in this manner you will become the number one Inner sect disciple soon” flattered the other. The woman beside Chang Ming smiled and kept nodding. All of a sudden the sound transmission in his pouch lit up. He scanned it and his face went pale with disbelief.

Seeing the man’s expression Chang Ming asked with a frown “What happened Xiaong Ca?”. Xiaong ca stuttered ” Um.. Senior Brother..ah , I dont know how it happened but Xiao Jing Yan just came in to the Sect.”

“What, He isn’t dead ? You didn’t tell us you killed him ?” before Chang Ming responded Bao Zhai anxiously shouted.

“We really beat him to death and thrown him in middle of the lake. Senior brother should we finish what we started and kill him this time for good?” asked Xioang ca fearful.Chang Ming frowned ” We don’t need to care about him , he should get the point after his near death not to offend someone who he can’t offend. By the way Junior Sister Bao How did he offend you?”

“It doesn’t matter how he offended me. He must die ” replied Bao Zhai feeling anxious in her heart. She can’t tell anyone that Xiao Jing Yan witnessed something he shouldn’t have. She was feeling desperate right now afraid Xiao Jing yan might expose it. She really want to silence the witness of the crime.